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Crooked Teeth at The Smile Place Mt Eliza

Crooked and misaligned teeth are extremely common and vary from crowding, overlapping, missing/extra teeth, incorrect bite and jaw misalignment.

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Gum Disease at The Smile Place Mt Eliza

Often the reason gum disease occurs is due to poor oral hygiene and is a result of plaque and calculus build-up on your teeth which in turn leads to an infection of the gums.

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Missing teeth at The Smile Place Mt Eliza Dental

Many people also feel self conscious about their missing teeth and worry about their smile. Depending on the cause of your missing teeth, treatment options…

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Sleep Services Snoring at The Smile Place Mt Eliza Dental

It is believed that sleep apnoea affects millions of people every year, but since it occurs at night while you sleep, people are unaware they are suffering…

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Toothache at The Smile Place Mt Eliza Dental

When you start feeling pain it’s important not to ignore it, make a booking as soon as possible. Our dentist will take the time to assess your teeth carefully.

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Decay at The Smile Place Mt Eliza

Our mouths are filled with hundreds of different bacteria and certain types can metabolize the sugars present in our food and drinks…

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Tooth Discolouration The Smile Place MT Eliza

While there are preventative measures you can take, such as brushing after meals, rinsing after drinks and maintaining regular dental cleans; discolouration…

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Wisdom Teeth at The Smile Place Mt Eliza Dental

While you cannot stop your wisdom teeth from growing, regular check-ups and visits will allow us to monitor their progress and provide advice…

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