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Do You Need Dentures?

Dentures Are A Replacement for Missing Teeth, Restoring Functionality & Appearance

At The Smile Place We Offer Both Full & Partial Dentures At Affordable Costs

Removable Teeth Restoration With Dentures

With Our Dentures Treatment You Can Get Back To Enjoying The Food You Love All While Smiling With Confidence

Dentures are a replacement for missing teeth. They can be removed and put back into your mouth as you please. Depending on each individual case, a patient may require full or partial dentures.

Our highly experienced dental team can treat missing teeth and restore both functionality and appearance of your teeth using dentures. 

Why Choose The Smile Place for Dentures?

At The Smile Place in Mt Eliza our highly experienced dentists work hard to ensure you receive the best results from your denture treatment. 

We offer both full and partial dentures, full dentures are designed for when all of your natural teeth are removed or missing from the mouth. Partial dentures on the other hand attach to some your remaining teeth and are used to replace one or more missing teeth. 

Book an appointment with The Smile Place today and let us improve your smile!

  • Experienced Dental Team
  • Tailored Treatment Plans
  • Quality Materials
  • Natural Looking Dentures
  • Affordable
Dentures Treatment Mt Eliza

"At The Smile Place in Mt Eliza, our dentists are highly trained in providing dentures. We tailor customized treatment plans so our patients achieve the best results restoring the functionality of their teeth"

Dr Andre Schertel

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