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What is the Smilefast Orthodontic Treatment?

So this is the other cosmetic orthodontic system that we use here at The Smile Place Mount Eliza, Smilefast. So you use clear brackets and a wire that matches the colour of your teeth so to fixed type of orthodontics. I think the main advantage of a system like this is that it’s working on your teeth 24/7. Now it allows me to move your teeth around rotate them up and down in a much more predictable way than the aligners. So I can actually customize your treatment as we go. Now in a similar fashion to Invisalign We also use a 3D model a computer a digital model of your teeth to plan what type of movements we need to achieve to give you the smile you want. So it’s very effective. But it gives me the flexibility to change things as we go. So sometimes a tooth isn’t moving as fast as it should. And we can tweak things a little bit so that saves us time, and overall treatment with Smilefast, we’re looking at treatment time less than a year or so. Now we often find that in the end it comes down to the patient’s preference whether they want to have the aligners or fixed orthodontics. But there are some clinical situations where we get to choose where we have to make a decision whether a system would be suitable for you or not. So best thing we can do from here is to actually book you in for a consultation where we take some photos. We do a 3D digital scan of your teeth and that allows us to do the initial planning of your treatment and we can then help you figure out what would work best for you.
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