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Digital Radiographs and OPG

Digital Radiographs and OPG at The Smile Place

We are proud to offer our patients the convenience of an on-site OPG machine.

The Orthoralix 9000 combines advanced imaging features with the latest generation of digital technology.

The advanced kinematics system provides an elaborate image path, maximizing panoramic image quality. In contrast to conventional cam-driven mechanical systems, the Orthoralix 9000’s robotic mechanism captures patient’s anatomy accurately over a wider range of patient profiles.
The result is a more efficient diagnosis of pathology and improved image quality.

The system allows images to be viewed within seconds, and these images can be viewed on a screen in the comfort of the clinical room. This enables our practitioners to show their patients the image results in a clear and accurate way.

A panoramic film is able to show a large field of view, including upper and lower jaw, as well as the nasal cavity and the maxillary sinuses.

This form of radiograph is to check for many different conditions, including:

  • Wisdom teeth problems
  • Bone loss, gum disease
  • Causes of jaw pain or clicking
  • Infections
  • Check for missing teeth
  • Orthodontic issues
  • Unusual pathology
  • Sinus pain/blockage
At The Smile Place Mt Eliza we use the VistaScan Perio Plus system. It uses thin, flexible plates which allow maximum patient comfort. The system, which is digital and instantaneous, allows our practitioners to focus on areas of interest for a more conclusive diagnosis. This type of radiograph (which also has very minimal radiation) shows the bone height between the teeth, detects decay between teeth or under fillings, shows bone abnormalities and infections, as well as cracked or broken teeth Our practice has chosen these digital x-ray systems for ultimate patient comfort, convenience and accuracy.
Digital Radiographs and OPG

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