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Happy Gas

Happy Gas at The Smile Place

Also known as “laughing gas”, “happy gas” is a colourless, slightly sweet gas that is used during dental treatment for relaxation and anxiety relief.

It is also commonly used for medical procedures including pain relief for women in labour.
There are very few contraindications and your dentist will discuss these with you.

Happy Gas can induce feelings of euphoria and sedation. It can induce feelings of drowsiness, warmth and tingling in the hands, feet and mouth. You will still be able to swallow, talk and cough as needed.

You will breathe a mixture of “happy gas” and pure oxygen through a nasal mask. This mixture is controlled by the dentist to ensure you are only administered the minimum dose required for anxiety relief. Recovery from happy gas sedation is rapid as the gas is flushed from your system with pure oxygen, and usually within minutes. You can still drive after Happy Gas sedation however we suggest that during your first two treatments you have someone on “stand by” just in case it takes you longer to recover.

If you are interested in treatment with happy gas, please let our staff know. They will provide more information.

Happy Gas Treatment

Gentle Care In A Relaxed Environment