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Child Dental Benefit Scheme In Mt. Eliza


If you have received a letter from Medicare stating that your child is eligible in 2015, you can book under this scheme.

Call and book the appointment, advising us that you will be participating in this scheme.

Bring your Medicare card to the appointment.
You will be asked to sign a form to consent to their treatment at each visit.


We can bulk bill directly from Medicare.

Most treatment is covered: examinations, cleans, fluoride treatments, fillings, small x-rays, extractions. We will advise if your child requires treatment that won’t be covered and provide a written estimate of cost. Then you can choose whether to proceed.

Yes and No.

You can only claim from your fund OR Medicare for each service.

But, if a service is not covered under Medicare you may then use your private health fund.

Please contact us if you would like further information or visit the Government website

child dental benefits scheme

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