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Children’s Dentistry In Mt. Eliza

Children’s Dentistry

Most experts recommend that you take your child to their first dental appointment within about six months of the arrival of their first tooth, or by the time they turn one.

This helps introduce them to dental environment and reduces the risk of their first visit being for treatment, rather than an examination.

At The Smile Place Mt Eliza we offer complimentary dental examinations up until the age of 5 (when you bring them along to your own dental examination).


This means regular 6 monthly examinations and cleans at regular intervals, based on an a tailored treatment program for your oral health.

As soon as a tooth appears, it should be kept clean.

You should brush your toddler’s teeth (or tooth) at least twice a day, using a child’s toothpaste (which is lower in fluoride), and a small soft child’s toothbrush. Always use a children’s toothpaste until they are old enough to spit out the paste – usually at 5 or 6 years old.

The dentist will advise how often to have checkups, but usually we recommend every 6 months, unless there is something to be concerned about. You should book the entire family every 6 months, so that it becomes a normal, routine visit, and any problems are detected before they become big issues.

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