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Emergency Care In Mt. Eliza

Emergency Treatment

If you have regular 6 monthly examinations, you are much unlikely to develop a toothache and require emergency care. However, if you do need an emergency appointment, please ring as soon as possible.

We keep emergency appointments everyday, for patients who break a tooth, or develop an infection, or who have a traumatic incident.

These appointments are available to provide resolution of pain. For example, if you have broken a tooth, the dentist may place a temporary filling or smooth it over so it doesn’t cut your tongue. The dentist will advise any further treatment that is necessary.

If you or your child has an accident involving trauma to the teeth, please ring immediately so we can organise for the patient to be seen ASAP.

Occasionally we will run a little late if we have a patient with severe trauma..

We hope you will understand that if you were to need this immediate care, it would also be provided to you.


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